Special Delivery for Jaheim

On Christmas Day, in what was a surprise, Mr. Hemmings showed up at the door steps of Jaheim Gordon (one of the scholarship recipients who was featured in HTIL Scholarship fundraiser video), and accompanying him was a small gift bag and big black sack – all with gifts, on behalf of HTIL for Jaheim.

The gifts included: 4 pairs of shoes, 6 pairs of pant, shirts, shorts, undershirts, underpants, reading glasses, and for “special delivery” – a laptop.

Jaheim and family were elated and they expressed thanks to HTIL (see video).

Ironically, there is a staple Jamaican Christmas song “Santa Claus, do you ever come to the ghetto”. So yes indeed, with respect to Jaheim, “Santa Claus” does visit the Ghetto.