Scholarship Program 2017-2018

Aug 17 2017, HTIL hosted an award ceremony for the 2017-2018 Barrett Town Scholarship Program awardees. There were two award categories: 1) the Academic Scholarship Award and 2) the Soccer Scholarship Award.

The Academic Scholarship Award
This was the second installment of the academic scholarship program (dubbed as 20 by 2020) which started last year. For 2016-2017 school year, 4 scholars received $250 USD each; for this 2017-2018 school year, 8 scholars received $250 USD (approximately $32,000 JMD) each in addition to some school supplies (bag packs, note books, and pens/pencils) and a watch.

The Soccer Scholarship Award
The soccer scholarship award, which is in its 7th year running, awarded 1 student a stipend of $250 USD: The recipient for the 2017-2018 was Ramapolia Kerr (who was also last year awardee).

The success of students in the community is at the forefront of HTIL’s mission and it was bolstered and forwarded by the Carlson Coles Group – President Marvin Coles – generous donation of over $2000 USD (approximately $254,000 JMD).

It takes a village to raise a child, and this was demonstrated by the effort that was executed to make this happen as members of the community volunteered to cook and serve at the event; other community members including parents, teachers, family and friends also came out to support the recipients. Noteworthy to mention, 2 previous beneficiaries – Damion Stewart (Soccer Scholar recipient) and Aston Harris (Stipend recipient) – attended the award and also shared how HTIL has positively impacted their academic pursuits.

The awardees expressed sheer exuberant, appreciation, and gratitude for their endowments and the impact they (the endowments) will have on them.

HTIL expresses thanks to all who made the event possible!

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