Barrett Town Youth Summer Soccer Camp

There is a first in everything! This summer, July 27-28, HTIL conducted its first soccer camp for the youths of the Barrett Town community. Over 60 kids attended the two day camp (Several more wanted to attend but couldn’t because of prior summer school commitments.)

The camp was for boys ranging from age 5 to 15; training sessions were lead by Carlton Alexander (former coach and player) and assisted by other current and former players of community (including me). Camp started at 8 am and ended by noon at which time lunch was provided. The kids were more than enthused; after lunch they were pleading for the session to be extended each day – they were willing and ready to brave the scorching sun.

The camp culminated with over 20 kids getting getting a pair of turf shoes – shoes that they could play soccer and also wear to school or in the yard. Also, kids were selected from the camp to play in a Youth All Stars Game.

View all the all pics from the two days and/or see annotated highlights below:

Youth Soccer Camp 2009 – Day 1

Youth Soccer Camp 2009 – Day 2

Annotated Highlights

Kids warming up

Boy going through chest trapping drill

Boys going through dribbling drill

Kids scrimaging

Kids wait in the shade for their turn to play

Kids line up for lunch

First kid to receive a pair of shoes

Some of the kids display the shoes that they got

Thanks to all the community volunteers who made it possible:

Cloggy* Camp Coach
Dutch Assisted with Final Day match
Gregory Assisted with serving lunch
Popsie Coaching assistant and aide in pre-camp field preparation
Nanna Coaching assistant
Richie* Coaching assistant
Squid Assisted with taking pictures and videoing
Tanto Assisted with pre-camp field preparation
Tippi Assisted with serving lunch
Yvonne Assisted with preparing lunch for the kids
* Denotes those who live abroad