Provide Soccer Gears for Community Youths

A carpenter is no good without his tools, so is a soccer player without his shoes! Soccer is not just a game – it is and has been the bread and butter, the only social activity – for several youths in Barrett Town community.

Most of the youths, however, play barefooted or with their only pair of shoes, not by choice but by circumstance – poverty! Some don�t play (anymore) because they have no soccer shoes! Actually, this is the major motivation for this organization – to give the youths an opportunity to butter their �soccer� bread.

The primary purpose of this project is to provide soccer gears for youths (ages 5 -16) in the Barrett Town community to play soccer, so that they (and the community) can benefit socially and also get an opportunity to escape poverty.

Gears needed are shoes, shorts, shirt and socks. The highest priority is soccer shoes – preferably turfs because turfs can be worn to school or in the yard. The project aims to provide these gears to first timers, while replacing existing gears that have been worn out or damaged.

Also, since there is never a shortage of underprivileged youths in nearby communities, a secondary goal is to expand the outreach to these youths (some of which attend the schools in Barrett Town). A community may have borders, but needs and compassion transcend all borders!

How you can help:

  1. Donate new or used shoes in good condition
  2. Purchase an item or items and send to the address below
  3. Send donation to address
  4. Make donation online

Your help today may make a difference that last a lifetime – even if it seems
like a little, it will make a big difference.

Items Avg Cost (USD) Specifications
Shoes 25.00 Sizes 2 to men�s 10
Shirt 12.00 Small to Youth XL
Shorts 10.00 Small to Youth XL
Socks  3.00 All Youth sizes
Total $50.00
Make a donation via PayPal or Credit Card:

Send Donations, Check or Money Order To:
Help To Impact Lives
PO Box 14714
RTP, NC 27709