Shoes for Soccer and School

Again, HTIL main goal for the soccer camp was to provide soccer shoes, espcially dual purpose shoes, that can be worn to school. Over 100 children received a pair of soccer shoes.

The shoes were handed out at the end of the fourth day, and the majority of the children sampled their shoes in the All Stars Games on the fifth. Some who attended camp barefooted sampled theirs the same day; ironically, there were a few who simply ditched their dilapidated shoes at the field and wore there new gifts home. Also, a few days after camp was finished, some of the same children who got their shoes were seen walking barefooted on the hot road. When asked about their shoes, they said that they have put away their shoes for school (in September).

The football, fun and food the camp provides the children last for a week; but shoes that the camp provides last for a year of school and sometimes more. Thanks to all who made it possible for this monumental impact!