Unity Fundraising Soccer Event 2010

The fourth Barrett Town Unity soccer events were held July 18. There were two games like the previous year:

  1. Masters game – curtain raiser
  2. Men’s open – main attraction

The event drew friends and family from near and far, while creating new friends and acquaintances in the process. See pictures of the event.

In addition to promoting unity, the event lend itself to promoting charity: This year, the goal was to raise money for two students from Barrett town school whose house was burnt down:

  • Funds were raised from the sale of brevage
  • Donations were givien by palyers and spectators

Over $25,000 JD (about $300 USD) were raised. However, the two students were reloacted to Kingston to live with family. The money was diverted to 1) help with providing refreshments for the children who attended soccer camp and 2) eventually to assist another burnt victim, Brandon “One-nie” Gordon, by sponsoring his school lunch for the year.

Last but not least, some of the unity game players also extended themsleves to assist with the annual soccer camp for the children.