HTIL Third Annual Soccer Camp

Over 120 children attended HTIL 3rd annual soccer camp held for youths in Barrett Town, Rose Hall (Jamaica) in July. The camp lasted for 5 days and had daily attendance averaging around 75 kids. This year, the number of girls who participated was more than 5 times that of last year. One of the girls (a first timer) said, “… this is exciting; I am normally at home just bored, but I am having so much fun here!”

The camp hosted children ranging from age 5 to 15 at the Barrett Town community center:

  • Camp started at 8 am daily and ended at noon
  • The children were treated to lunch daily
  • Three All Star Championship games held on last day of camp
    • Players were awarded with medals
    • 3 MVP trophies were awarded based on performance and sportsmanship for the whole camp
    • Most outstanding soccer scholars were selected

HTIL wants to express special thanks to all who contributed to make this event materialize.

See the following for all camp highlights:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

The folllowing volunteered their service for this event:

Robbie* Camp Director
Cloggy* Coach (U-15)
Gregory U-12 Coach and Cook
Ladi* Assisted with U-10 coaching
Dutch Assisted with U-12 coaching
Nanna Coaching assistant U-10
Richie* Coaching assistant (U-15)
Bigga Equipment/field caretaker; cook; lunch and refreshemnt server
Christean* Assisted with serving lunch and refreshments
Marcus Photographer
Yvonne, Sue, Aunt Assisted with preparing/serving lunch for the kids
* Denotes those who live in the US