Brandon’s “Onenie” Gratitude Eclipses Sunshine on a Sunny Day

Last summer, Brandon brought sunshine on a cloudy day; this time, he brought a smile that eclipsed the sunshine on a sunny day. After his class received books and pencils, Brandon expressed his gratitude with an indelible, poignant picture. This was and truly is one of the cases where a picture is worth more than 1000 words.

The complete picture highlights some of the major components of HTIL’s misson to foster education and soccer — books and pencils in his hands and soccer shoes on his feet. These soccer shoes that he wears to school, like some other students, are the same ones he got last summer. Also, since last September, HTIL sponsored Brandon for the school lunch program for the entire the school year. About 3 weeks after, the vice-principal Jurdine West of Brandon’s school, sent the following messages:

  1. He started coming to school regularly now. Thanks to you.
  2. Thanks for the help for the little boy, one day I hope somebody will help him with his hand.

Even though Brandon is the only one sponsored on the school’s lunch program, if all the children drew pictures expressing their gratitude, they probably would look similarly to Brandon’s indelible one.