President’s Message

Experience is the motherhood of empathy; and it is from the experiences that I had with some of the wraths of poverty (growing up) and subsequently, the empathy that I share with youths experiencing similar wraths or worse, why this organization was born.

The organization was officially born on March 06, 2008; however, I have been impregnated with this concept in my head and my heart for a very long time. To say the least, it was an agonizing, sorrowful, yet promising gestation period. Its birth is the external manifestation of my compassionate mandate to make a difference in the live of at least one youth who is subjected to the sabotage of poverty.

Although one compassionate person may be able to make a difference, the priceless goodwill and generosity of several compassionate persons can make a colossal difference. It is with pure passion and sheer enthusiasm that I team up with other like minded persons and bring the efforts – to help impact lives – to the fore. We are enthused to share our mission and vision and look forward to your immeasurable support.


Robbie Hemmings