About Us

Help To Impact Lives (HTIL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to make a difference in the lives of impoverished and less fortunate youths through education and soccer.


To provide the necessary tangible and intangible support to transform and improve impoverished youths through education and soccer; and to help in fostering their hopes and realizing their dreams.


Through support, impoverished youths can be endowed with the amenities and intangible means necessary to promote wellbeing and socio-economic prosperity. Several youths can have the opportunity to pursue a successful career.

Board of Directors

Robbie Hemmings
President & Founder

Francois Djidji

Shellceeta Barton

Neville Francis – Associate Professor of Economics, UNC-Chapel Hill
Advisory Board Chair

Ingemar Lanevi – VP & GM of NetApp Capital Solutions
Advisory Board Member

Michael Lawrence – Former Howard University Head Soccer Coach
Advisory Board Member

– – – Auxiliary Board Members in Jamaica – – –

Margret Harwood-Farquharson – Teacher John Rollins Success Primary School; Board Chair of Rose Hall Basic

Milton Griffiths – Former National Soccer Player; former Soccer Scholarship Awardee to Division 1 College

Steve Bucknor – President/Coach of Montego Bay Boys Club

Theodore Whittmore – Jamaica National Soccer Coach

Warren Barrett – Jamaica National Assistant Soccer Coach

Pamella March

Floyd Facey