Fourth Annual Soccer Camp

HTIL hosted more than 130 children, over 5 days, for the fourth annual summer soccer camp. This year had the biggest turn out thus far (with daily attendance averaging over 90 children). One of the contributors to this was that summer classes ended around July 27; and the camp, which was originally set to kick off on July 23, kicked off the following week on Jul 30 (because the original venue was unusable). Some children were initially disappointed because of the delay, but after camp kicked off, their disappointments took a back seat to non-stop enthusiasm – not even the blazing sun seemed to wane their enthusiasm.

The enthusiastic campers were treated to football, food, fun and awards (just like the previous years). The first 120 attendees got at least a camp T-shirt, a pair of shorts and a water bottle; and over a hundred of them got a pair of soccer shoes.

On the final day, when the All Stars games were played and awards presented, the children were also treated to another nicety – ice cream. Mr. Ed Bartlette (member of parliament for East Central St. James) was there to present the awards, which included medals for all the particpants, 3 MVP trophies and the Most Outstanding Soccer Scholar Award.

HTIL expresses special thanks to all who contributed to make this event materialize.

The folllowing volunteered their service for this event:

Robbie* Camp Director
Dwayne Coach (U-15)
Gregory Coach (U-12)
Mario Coach U-12/U-15
Jammin Coach U-10
Troy Bull Coach U-12
Lemar Coaching Assistant (U-15)
Bigga Coach U-12
Dutch Coach Assistant U-12
Marcus Photographer
Yvonne, Sue, Aunt, Valrie, Valda, Pat Assisted with preparing lunch for the camp
Chion Assisted with camp registration/serving lunch
Shelly Assisted with camp registration/serving lunch
* Denotes those who live in the US