Pure Passion

If this picture could talk, what would these feet be saying? They wouldn't be saying anything! They would be screaming, "Pass the ball … and don't use your hands!" These kids were at 2 day camp; they represented some of kids who came to the camp with footwear ranging from soccer cleats, sandals, flip flop, yard shoes, to no shoes. Barefooted or not, these feet are all about these kids passionate romance with soccer.

Some kids playing in sandals and flip flop

Some kids playing in soccer cleats and track shoes

There were some kids who came to the camp with a pair of shoes, but played barefooted – not because they wanted to but because they didn't want to damage the only pair of shoes they have.

Shoes kids got soccer shoes at the end of the camp.

These are some of the kids to whom shoes were given to: This was just a drop in the bucket – a well appreciated one nevertheless – of the effort that HTIL has embarked on to provide the kids (of Barrett Town) with the essentials to exploit their passion.