Hometown Soccer Camp – A First

There is a first in everything! This summer, July 27-28, HTIL conducted its first soccer camp for the youths of the Barrett Town community. Over 60 kids attended the two day camp (and those were only the ones who heard about it). Some kids couldn’t make the session because they were enlisted in summer school. The kids were more than enthused: camp was from 8 am to 12 pm and the kids were pleading for the session to be extended each day – they were ready to brave the scorching sun.

Highlight of the two day camp:

  • Kids age 5 to 15
  • Volunteers: coaches and assisant the community
  • Over 20 shoes handed out
  • Championship Game

If this picture could talk, what would these feet be saying? They wouldn’t be saying anything! They would be screaming, “Pass the ball … and don’t use your hands!”

Barefooted or not, these feet are all about kids passionate romance with soccer. These kids were at 2 day camp; they represented the range of kids who came to the camp with footwear ranging from soccer cleats, yard shoes, sandals to no shoes.

There were some kids, who came to the camp with a pair of shoes, but played barefooted – not because they wanted to but because they couldn’t play in the only pair of shoes they have and get them damaged.