Barrett Town Scholarship Program Fundraiser for 2020-2021

In 2016, HTIL set a 5 year goal dubbed 20 by 2020: the goal was to provide educational support for 20 students from the Barrett Town community by 2020. We have reached that 5th year to realize its goal and create a much needed impact, especially, in this pandemic stricken climate that has disrupted the livelihood of and imposed economic hardship on many families including some of these students.

The goal is to raise at minimum $5000 USD to be able to bequeath a stipend of $250 to each student. Since the scholarship’s inception in 2016, HTIL usually go beyond and provided the scholars with stationery supplies.  Our stretch goal is to raise enough funds to duplicate the previous years (of providing the stationery supplies).

Last year, HTIL even provided 5 new laptops to be shared among the students; this was in addition to providing Jaheim Gordon (featured in last year fundraiser video) with several person items for Christmas.


We appeal to your generosity to help HTIL achieve this milestone and continue to create long lasting impacts. All donated funds go to the stipends and back to school supplies.

HTIL is a 501(C3) organization: Donations are Tax Deductible.


Ways to donate: